Everything interesting about edge computing.

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm which brings computer data storage closer to the location where it is needed. Computation is largely or completely performed on distributed device nodes. Edge computing pushes applications, data and computing power (services) away from centralized points to locations closer to the user. The target of edge computing is any application or general functionality needing to be closer to the source of the action where distributed systems technology interacts with the physical world. Edge computing does not need contact with any centralized cloud, although it may interact with one.


HotSALSA@INFOCOM 2019 HotSALSA 2019 is the joint edition of the 11th HotPOST and the 5th SmartObjects workshops. It will be held in Paris, France on April 29, 2019. The event is colocated with INFOCOM 2019. Internet of Things, smart cities and edge/fog... Read more